FD Rapid GolgiStain Kit

  • Product name: Golgi Staining Kit – Green Fluorescence – Cytopainter
  • Example type: Adherent cells, Cells in suspension
  • Test type: Cell-based
  • Species reactivity: Reacts with: Mammals, Other species

Product description

Golgi Staining Kit – Green Fluorescence | Cytopainter (ab139483) contains a selective Golgi stain suitable for live cells or aldehyde-fixed cell staining. Micromolar concentrations of the green dye are sufficient to stain mammalian cells, as validated with the HeLa human cervical carcinoma cell line, Jurkat human T lymphocyte cell line, and human bone osteosarcoma epithelial cell line, U2OS.

An important application of ab139483 is in the imaging of fluorescence co-localization with proteins labeled with a red fluorescent protein (RFP) or orange fluorescent protein (OFP), a powerful approach to determine the orientation of molecules to intracellular compartments. and for screening their associations and interactions.

ab139483 is specifically designed for use with cell lines that express RFP or OFP, as well as cells that express blue or cyan fluorescent proteins (BFP, CFP). Furthermore, the kit is suitable for use with live or post-fixed cells in conjunction with probes, such as labeled antibodies or other fluorescent conjugates that display spectral properties similar to Texas red or coumarin. A nuclear counterstain is also provided to highlight this organelle.

Fluorescence excitation and emission spectra

Notes: This kit can be easily used in combination with other common UV and visible light excitable organic fluorescent dyes and various fluorescent proteins in multi-color imaging and detection applications. The dye emits in the FITC region of the visible light spectrum and is resistant to photobleaching, quenching, and photoconversion.

Platform: Fluorescence microscope

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