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Contingent upon the specific motivation behind your life science building or office, establishing your ideal workplace can include quite a few distinct innovations. With our attempted and tried scope of building the executives frameworks, parts and administrations, you should rest assured the best answer for your singular necessities is right close by. Pick your application situation beneath to figure out how you can accomplish remarkable outcomes in basic examination, improvement and creation while keeping up with ideal execution all through the lifecycle of your life science building.

Tending to life science-explicit difficulties

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The scholarly world

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Medical care

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Life science businesses

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Promega pSV-β-Galactosidase Control Vector

A positive control vector for observing transfection efficiencies of mammalian cells. The SV40 early advertiser and enhancer drive record of the lacZ quality, which encodes the beta-galactosidase catalyst.
Screens Transfection Efficiencies of Mammalian Cells
Co-transfect into cells as the control journalist in a double correspondent measure
Examine in cell removes utilizing spectrophotometric, fluorescent or chemiluminescent techniques
Can be utilized for in situ histochemical investigation utilizing X-lady substrate.

pSV-β-Galactosidase Control Vector

Screens Transfection Efficiencies of Mammalian Cells
Co-transfect into cells as the control columnist in a double journalist test
Test in cell separates utilizing spectrophotometric, fluorescent or chemiluminescent strategies
Can be utilized for in situ histochemical examination utilizing X-lady substrate.

The pSV-β-Galactosidase Control Vector is a positive control vector that can be transfected exclusively or co-transfected with your DNA of interest.. The SV40 early advertiser and enhancer drive record of the lacZ quality, which encodes the β-galactosidase catalyst. β-galactosidase is a fantastic journalist protein that can be examined rapidly and straightforwardly in cell extricates utilizing spectrophotometric, fluorescent or chemiluminescent measures. This columnist catalyst is additionally generally utilized for in situ histochemical examination utilizing the substrate X-Gal.

The pSV-β-Galactosidase Control Vector can be co-transfected with your DNA of interest. For instance, co-transfection with firefly luciferase quality vectors (pGL3 Vectors) give cell removes that can be tested for both luciferase and β-galactosidase exercises.

As such, the pSV-β-Galactosidase Vector goes about as an inner control for transient articulation measures. A negative control remove, ready from mock-transfected cells, ought to likewise be measured for the presence of endogenous β-galactosidase movement in refined cells. Moreover, co-transfection with chloramphenicol acetyltransferase correspondent quality vectors (pCAT3 Vectors) licenses testing for both CAT and β-galactosidase exercises.

Beta Galactosidase (?-Gal) Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

K821-100 Biovision each 601.2 EUR

β - galactosidase -β –GAL- Activity Assay Kit

E-BC-K631-M-96T Elabscience Biotech 96T 280 EUR

β - galactosidase -β –GAL- Activity Assay Kit

E-BC-K631-M-each Elabscience Biotech each Ask for price

α-Galactosidase Activity Assay, Catalog: MA-0142

MA-0142 Akrivis Bio 100 wells 440 EUR

Alpha Galactosidase (?-Gal) Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

K407-100 Biovision each 633.6 EUR

Beta Galactosidase

PC-181 Kamiya Biomedical Company Polyclonal Ask for price

Beta Galactosidase

PC-209 Kamiya Biomedical Company Polyclonal Ask for price

Beta Galactosidase

PC-215 Kamiya Biomedical Company Polyclonal Ask for price

Beta Galactosidase

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GAL | Beta galactosidase

AS20-4515 Agrisera AB 200 µg 233 EUR

beta Galactosidase Enzyme

abx070004-100ug Abbexa 100 ug 710.4 EUR

beta Galactosidase protein

30-AB21 Fitzgerald 1000 units 236 EUR

beta Galactosidase protein

MBS537344-1000Units MyBiosource 1000Units 485 EUR

beta Galactosidase protein

MBS537344-5x1000Units MyBiosource 5x1000Units 2020 EUR

beta Galactosidase antibody

10R-G122a Fitzgerald 1 mg 398.4 EUR

beta Galactosidase antibody

10C-CR7001M2 Fitzgerald 100 ug 95 EUR

beta Galactosidase antibody

20-BR21 Fitzgerald 2 mL 448 EUR

beta Galactosidase antibody

20R-GR016 Fitzgerald 10 mg 314 EUR

The pSV-β-Galactosidase Vector is an adjustment of pRSV-β-Gal with SV40 and pUC18 arrangements fill in for RSV and pBR322 successions. The pSV-β-Galactosidase Vector will communicate β-galactosidase in E. coli because of the presence of the E. coli gpt advertiser found upstream of the lacZ quality. States of E. coli containing the pSV-β-Galactosidase Vector will seem blue when plated on media containing X-Gal.

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