MicroHomogenizer 48 Pack With 2.0 mL Tubes and Battery Pack.

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The microHomogenizer packs offers tissue homogenization in a helpful microfuge tube design. This pack is totally dispensable and wipes out the requirement for lab space, making microHomogenizer ideal for use in the field as well as a great option for specialist seat tops jumbled with cumbersome homogenizers. The microHomogenizer unit accompanies the lysing media, microfuge tubes, and a 1.5 volt Bat-Pac 1xAAA battery pack.


1. Place 600-700┬Ál of your answer of decision into disturbance chamber. Tests can comprise of little bits of creature tissue (20-30mg), leaf punches (3-6mm measurement), or an answer of hard-to-upset cells (more noteworthy than 109cells/ml; utilization of 0.1-0.2mm dots proposed).

2. Whenever wanted, tissue or establish tests can be disturbed with the assistance extra globules (0.5mm dabs are accommodated this utilization). Notwithstanding, disturbance of tissue has been demonstrated to be accomplished without the utilization of dots. As a choice, the client might decide to at first shred tissue inside the chamber without utilizing dabs and afterward choose to add dots (0.1-0.5mm) to additionally upset unblemished cells or give better tissue homogenization.

3. Initiate the microHomogenizer by moving the switch on the Bat-Pac to the “On” position. Once in a while shake the chamber during activity to help any undisrupted lumps into arrangement. While utilizing the microHomogenizer, the engine can be effectively raised, brought down, or shifted inside the included microfuge cylinder to accomplish ideal interruption. You additionally may observe that it is important to shift the handle of the gadget to such an extent that the impeller of the engine isn’t in touch with the side of the cylinder (keeping the engine from moving).

4. Disturbance times will shift contingent upon wanted result. For simple and productive partition of lysate from the dabs (whenever utilized), attempt our microMesh channel tips.

ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit

The ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit uses a procedure alluded to as catalyst connected immunosorbent test (ELISA) to identify the presence of a neutralizer or an antigen in an example. The convention utilizes two antibodies, one of which is well defined for the antigen and one more that is coupled to a chemical. This subsequent immune response gives the measure its protein connected name and causes a chromogenic substrate to create variety any place it is bound. ELISA is a strong immunizer based biodetection device utilized in the field to chase after microorganisms in water, food, or air, whether they arise normally or through demonstrations of animosity.

Elements and Benefits

Incorporates different center substance regions
Works with instructing about insusceptible framework capacities and the extraordinary properties of antibodies that have changed medication, the study of disease transmission, and life science research
With this unit, understudies can:

Go through an authentic demonstrative system
Mimic true HIV, GMO, pregnancy, or medication testing
Applications and Uses
Three ways to deal with ELISA can be taken with this unit to educate either biodefense, immunology, or wellbeing science. Individual educational plan guides and guidelines for every convention are remembered for the unit, complete with Teachers Guides and Student Manuals.

More Information

One 45 min research facility action . Gives adequate materials to twelve understudy workstations, up to four understudies for each workstation

  • Extra Resources
    Download this Zombie Apocalypse movement for a great method for involving the ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit in your homeroom.
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  • Homogenizers
    The FBF homogenizers are agreeable to CE guideline and are accessible with limits from 16 to 16,000 gph, with homogenizing pressures up to 1,500 bar contingent upon limits and models.


Zero in on Developing and Manufacturing ELISA Assay Kits Set for Your Academic Research.Elabscience offers large number of protein connected immunosorbent test (ELISA) units for scientists. The species incorporate human, mouse, rodent, bunny, monkey, porcine, and so on. As an expert ELISA packs producer and provider, our ELISA test units have been completely quality-controlled to guarantee the precision of results.

Column Packing Kit

PACK-KIT Next Advance 1pack 1242 EUR


PCR-48-C CORNING 10/pk 122.4 EUR

Tissue Culture Plate, 48 Well

TCP20-48 Bio Basic 1 UNIT 64.18 EUR

PS 48

B7586-10 ApexBio 10 mg 224.4 EUR

PS 48

B7586-50 ApexBio 50 mg 760.8 EUR

EZ Pack

A2501 Benchmark Scientific 1 PC 438.79 EUR

EZ Pack

A2505 Benchmark Scientific 1 PC 219.64 EUR

Adapter pack

C1005-AC2 Benchmark Scientific 1 PC 118.2 EUR

Adapter pack

C3100-ADP Benchmark Scientific 1 PC 197.02 EUR

Sanitisation pack

WAT2432 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 106.02 EUR

Disinfection Pack

WAT3344 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 129.96 EUR

Goat G Protein Coupled Receptor 48 ELISA kit

E06G0026-48 BlueGene 1 plate of 48 wells 624 EUR

Rabbit G Protein Coupled Receptor 48 ELISA kit

E04G0026-48 BlueGene 1 plate of 48 wells 624 EUR

Mouse G Protein Coupled Receptor 48 ELISA kit

E03G0026-48 BlueGene 1 plate of 48 wells 624 EUR

Pig G Protein Coupled Receptor 48 ELISA kit

E07G0026-48 BlueGene 1 plate of 48 wells 624 EUR

Monkey G Protein Coupled Receptor 48 ELISA kit

E09G0026-48 BlueGene 1 plate of 48 wells 624 EUR

Dog G Protein Coupled Receptor 48 ELISA kit

E08G0026-48 BlueGene 1 plate of 48 wells 624 EUR

Rat G Protein Coupled Receptor 48 ELISA kit

E02G0026-48 BlueGene 1 plate of 48 wells 624 EUR

Elabscience is focused on furnishing excellent ELISA packs with an exceptionally efficient cost. We generally take the “client arranged”, give the best and expert administrations to clients. You can contact our wholesalers from one side of the planet to the other for procurement, or you can likewise purchase our ELISA packs online straightforwardly.

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