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MitoView Fix 640 is far-red mitochondrial stain. The cell layer permeant color quickly aggregates in the mitochondria of live cells for no-wash, live cell staining. The color has a receptive gathering that can covalently join to proteins inside the mitochondria, so that staining is all around held after obsession, permeabilization, and ensuing immunofluorescence staining.

  • Stain mitochondria in live cells for resulting obsession
  • Very much held after PFA or MeOH obsession, permeabilization, and IF staining
    Splendid, photostable, and non-poisonous for long haul live cell imaging
  • Cells hold explicit staining in culture for a really long time
  • Far-red fluorescence for the Cy 5 channel (Ex/Em 648/670 nm)
  • Better explicitness after obsession contrasted with MitoTracker Deep-Red
  • MitoView Fix isn’t suggested for staining cells that are now fixed, in light of the fact that staining is vague in fixed cells.
  • MitoView Green color can be utilized for fixed cell staining, however for best outcomes with fixed cells, we suggest utilizing one of our mitochondrial marker immune response forms.
  • We additionally offer unique MitoView Dyes in an assortment of varieties, including layer potential-subordinate MitoView 633, notwithstanding a choice of exemplary mitochondrial colors. See our Cellular Stains for additional stains for mitochondria, core, cell surface, lysosomes, and different organelles.
  • Cy color is an enlisted brand name of GE Healthcare; MitoTracker is an enrolled brand name of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Mitochondrial Stain

The MitoView Fix 640 is a far-red fluorescent live-cell mitochondrial stain. The nontoxic, cell film permeant color Methyla collects in the mitochondria of live cells and has a receptive gathering that covalently appends to proteins inside the mitochondria. This supposedly brings about stable mitochondria staining that goes on for quite a long time in live societies, is all around held after obsession with formaldehyde or methanol, and endures permeabilization. The organization claims staining with MitoView Fix 640 shows better explicitness after obsession contrasted with MitoTracker Deep Red and other mitochondrial stains at present accessible. MitoView Fix 640 is presented in 1 or 10 units of 50 μg.

MitoView Dyes
* MitoView 633 likewise has red fluorescence in the Cy3 channel and isn’t suggested for use with other red colors.
**While ideal for Cy7 settings, MitoView 720 is sufficiently brilliant to be imaged in the Cy®5 channel.
† Colors limit to the cytoplasm after mitochondrial depolarization, yet at the same time hold fluorescence.
Track down the Right Dye for Your Application

MitoView 405

MitoView 405 is a blue fluorescent mitochondrial color with absorbance/emanation at 398/440 nm, appropriate for identification by confocal microscopy or stream cytometry involving settings for DAPI or Pacific Blue®. The color is film penetrable and turns out to be brilliantly fluorescent upon gathering in the mitochondrial layer. Mitochondrial confinement is reliant upon mitochondrial layer potential; when film potential is disturbed the color relocalizes to the cytoplasm, yet holds fluorescence. The color is intended for use in live cells and isn’t fixable. MitoView™ 405 is a substitution for our unique MitoView™ Blue*, and has further developed photostability.

MitoView Green

MitoView Green is a green fluorescent mitochondrial color with properties like those of MitoTracker® Green FM. The color is non-fluorescent until it parts into the mitochondrial layer. The staining depends on mitochondrial mass, not on mitochondria film potential. Subsequently, the color can be utilized to stain mitochondria in both live cells and fixed cells. MitoView Green might be fairly layer potential-subordinate in yeast cells.
MitoView 633
MitoView633 is a far-red fluorescent mitochondrial color with absorbance/discharge at 622/648 nm. The color is layer permeant and turns out to be brilliantly fluorescent upon collection in the mitochondrial film. Staining is subject to mitochondrial layer potential, and can be utilized to screen mitochondrial film potential in flawless cells. The color is intended for use in live cells, and isn’t fixable. Note: The ideal location settings for MitoView™ 633 are equivalent to for Cy 5 and other far-red colors. Notwithstanding, the color likewise has noticeable red fluorescence and can be imaged involving Cy 3 settings also. As a result, it may not be imaginable to involve the color for two-variety imaging with other red tests.

MitoView 650

MitoView 650 is a far-red fluorescent mitochondrial color that isn’t reliant upon mitochondrial film potential. The color has excitation/outflow at 644/670 nm for the Cy5 channel. Dissimilar to MitoView 633, it doesn’t seep into the noticeable red channel, thus can be joined with red tests for multicolor imaging. The color fluorescence isn’t lost after mitochondrial depolarization or obsession, yet restriction becomes vague.

MitoView 720

MitoView 720 is a close infrared mitochondrial color with absorbance/discharge at 720/758 nm. While ideally distinguished utilizing Cy 7 settings, the color is sufficiently splendid to be imaged in the Cy®5 channel, and can be joined with apparent red fluorescent tests. Mitochondrial limitation is subject to mitochondrial film potential; when layer potential is upset the color relocalizes to the cytoplasm yet at the same time holds fluorescence.

More Mitochondrial Dyes

Notwithstanding MitoView colors, Biotium additionally offers a few old style colors for estimating mitochondrial film potential. These incorporate JC-1, a ratiometric color that structures red totals in sound cells, which are diminished to the green monomeric state when mitochondrial film potential is lost. We additionally offer TMRM and TMRE, two red fluorescent colors that are utilized to quantitatively gauge mitochondrial film potential utilizing the Nernst condition.

To see our wide choice of other cell stains, visit our Cellular Stains innovation page or see our Cellular Stains Brochure.

MitoView 633

70055 Biotium 20X50UG 271.2 EUR

MitoView Green

70054 Biotium 20X50UG 271.2 EUR

MitoView 633, Trial Size

70055-T Biotium 50UG 112.8 EUR

MitoView Green, Trial Size

70054-T Biotium 50UG 112.8 EUR

NucView 488 and MitoView 633 Apoptosis Assay Kit (100 assays)

30062 Biotium 1KIT 514.8 EUR

MitoViewâ„¢ 405

70070 Biotium 20X50UG 264 EUR

MitoViewâ„¢ 405

70070-T Biotium 50UG 111.6 EUR

MitoViewâ„¢ 650

9-70075 Biotium
  • 264.00 EUR
  • 111.60 EUR
  • 20X50UG
  • 50UG

MitoViewâ„¢ 720, 1000X in DMSO

70068 Biotium 20X50UG 306 EUR

MitoViewâ„¢ 720, 1000X in DMSO, Trial Size

70068-T Biotium 50UG 124.8 EUR

CellBrite Fix 640

30089 Biotium 1KIT 675.6 EUR

MemBriteâ„¢ Fix 640/660

30097 Biotium 1KIT 772.8 EUR

CellBrite Fix 640, Trial Size

30089-T Biotium 1KIT 234 EUR

MemBriteâ„¢ Fix 640/660, Trial Size

30097-T Biotium 1KIT 266.4 EUR


ELA-E0840r Lifescience Market 96 Tests 1063.2 EUR

CellBrite Fix 555

30088 Biotium 1KIT 675.6 EUR

CellBriteâ„¢ Fix 488

30090 Biotium 1KIT 772.8 EUR

MemBriteâ„¢ Fix 405/430

30092 Biotium 1KIT 772.8 EUR

MemBriteâ„¢ Fix 488/515

30093 Biotium 1KIT 772.8 EUR

Note: MitoView Blue (70052) has been ended and supplanted by the superior MitoView 405. The first MitoView Blue will be accessible for buy as an exceptional request while provisions last.

Cy Dye is an enlisted brand name of GE Healthcare. MitoTracker is an enlisted brand name of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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