Docetaxel >99%


CAS: 114977-28-5

Molecular formula: C43H53NO14

Molecular weight (g / mol): 807.89

MDL Number: MFCD00800737


Synonymous: docetaxel, Taxotere, anhydrous docetaxel, docetaxel, emdoc, docetaxel, trihydrate, docetaxel inn, Taxotere tn, unit-699121phca, xl

PubChem CID: 148124


CHIBI: 4672

Smiles: CC1 = C2C (C (= O) C3 (C (CC4C (C3C (C (C2 (C) C) C) (CC1OC (= O) C (C (C5 = CC = CC = C5) NC (= O) OC (C) (C) C) O) O) OC (= O) C6 = CC = CC = C6) (CO4) OC (= O) C) O) C) OS

Description: A second-generation cytotoxic antimicrotubule agent

Applications: Docetaxel is used to treat a variety of cancers (lung, breast, prostate). It is a second-generation cytotoxic antimicrotubule agent and is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Solubility: Soluble in dimethylsulfoxide and ethanol. Insoluble in water.

Notes: Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


Color: White

Quantity: 100 mg

Melting point: 186 ° C to 192 ° C

Merck Index: 14.3397

Solubility information: Soluble in dimethylsulfoxide and ethanol; Insoluble in water.

Formula Weight: 807.88

Physical form: powder

Purity percentage: 99%

Chemical or material name: Docetaxel

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